Episode 4: Iridescent Chicken

Here’s episode 4 of the Yarnraising podcast! Come on down and join the Yarnraising group over on Ravelry.  Get your entries in to win the Mochimochiland tiny gnome kit this week; I’ll draw the winner on Episode 5. Thanks for hanging out with me!

Spinning in Progress:
Bosworth spindles (and charkha!)
Into the Whirled

Commercial knitting in progress:
Opal sock yarn
Creatively Dyed
Tree Kangaroo
Fleegle Heel tutorial

Cool tools:
Gripping Yarn
Frabjous Fibers

Special skein:
Sakina Needles at the Loopy Ewe

Five Cool Things:
Marimo Moss Balls
Spin Off Magazine
Tenth of December by George Saunders
3 Ingredient Marinara
St. Louis Zoo
Schlafly Bottleworks









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6 responses to “Episode 4: Iridescent Chicken

  1. Anthony

    My Grandma has that exact same chicken dish! :3

  2. Richelle

    Oh my gosh! I loved your description of why you carry knitting at all times. I do the same thing to avoid being crabby.

  3. daniinnc

    Thanks for sharing that marinara recipe. My son is OK with the taste of onion but doesn’t want to run across bits of it in his food. It never occurred to me to float the onion in the sauce.

    I used to carry a project with me everywhere I went. I don’t necessarily get cranky, but I do get fidgety. Nowadays my iPhone full of games takes the place of the knitting. It is more convenient to carry, but I finished more projects before I had it.

  4. I love the afghan you crocheted!!! Did you post it on Ravelry? I must check!

    Also… I must admit I’ve watched all your current shows and decided I should go back and witness the, so to speak, “birth” of a great Podcaster. I should have known, even episode 1 is a jewel. You were meant for this!

    Love your podcast!

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