Episode 13: Spinzilla v Mothra!

Here’s episode 13 of the Yarnraising podcast. Sorry if the video is a little glitchy. Come on down and join the Yarnraising group over on Ravelry. We are DEFINITELY going to have a New-to-You Spinalong for the months of September and October, so let’s think about what we’re going to spin!


 Spinning in Progress:
Into the WhirledHandspun knitting in progress:
Irish Coffee

Commercial knitting in progress:
A Good Yarn
Miss Babs
Sockhead Hat

Tool Time:
TiltAWhorl spindles

Special Skein:
Another Crafty Girl

Five Cool Things:
Spinzilla site and Ravelry group
First Sparks (also Power Grid)
A video about parasitoid wasps (ever watched Alien?) and the Caustic Soda podcast
Lisa Souza
Sophie’s Toes
Blue Moon Fiber Arts






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One response to “Episode 13: Spinzilla v Mothra!

  1. Heather

    What is it like going to the beach on a Great Lake? I have no concept. It looks wonderful. I am so used to that view coming with salty spray.

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