Episode 23: New to you SAL wrapup!

Here’s episode 23 of the Yarnraising podcast. Come on down and join the Yarnraising group over on Ravelry. The New-to-You Spinalong is over and winners are announced on this episode! Many many thanks to all who participated, all who donated prizes, and all who cheered us on! Please consider supporting one of the fantastic and generous companies who donated prizes:

Unwind Yarn Company
Fondant Fibre
Knit Spin Farm
Lucky Cat Craft
Cattywhompus Fibers
Fat Squirrel Fibers
Tilt a Whorl Spindles

Our current giveaway of a year’s worth of Wild Fibers magazines continues this week, so get over to the prize thread on the group for a chance to win one of three of these prizes! Many thanks to Linda Cortwright for the generous donation.

My boneheaded mistake of the week: During the tool time segment, I keep referring to the cards in my hands as combs. Maybe I need a cohost to keep me honest? When I’m holding cards (the wooden paddle things) I should be saying CARDS. So sorry for the error!

Spinning in Progress:
Andina spindle
Lucky Cat Craft
Windy Valley Muskox
Bosworth Spindles (and charkha!)
Into the Whirled
Merlin Tree (Roadbug wheel)
Fondant Fibre
Enchanted Knoll Farm

Handspun WIP:
Into the Whirled
Turkish cast on
Fleegle heel
Jeny’s Suprisingly Stretchy Bindoff

Commercial FO:
Lisa Souza
Little Oak Cardigan

Commercial WIP:
Idris the Dragon Lovey

Tool Time:
St. Blaise combs
Gnomespun (purveyor of hand dyed carded roving)

Special Skein:
Quince and Co.
Knitting Pipeline

Five Cool Things:
Cloudsfactory cross stitch patterns
Youtube video of the Fahrfunflinger
Indie Gift-a-long
Tangerine Designs
Into the Wool Retreat
Magic Cake Ruffle Shawl
Sophie’s Toes for Magic Balls

New to you SAL wrapup:
Solitude Wool
Lisa Souza
Into the Whirled
Wooly Knob Fiber Mill
SapphireChild for Southdown roving: use the code YARNRAISING15 for 15% off orders now through November 30!
Lucky Cat Craft
Windy Valley Muskox
Bosworth Spindles (and charkha!)








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2 responses to “Episode 23: New to you SAL wrapup!

  1. THANK you for explaining the combs & cards & roving SO well.
    I have been spindle spinning for a couple years & wheel spinning for about a year. there is so much to learn . Your podcast is the most informative I have seen. thanks for taking the time out of your day to do this .. 🙂 in the pics above there are pics of rockets ? LOL what is that about ?
    anyway.. thanks again..

  2. bummer, I think my comment disappeared 🙂
    anyway, wanted to say How much I enjoyed your podcast.
    the most informative one I have come across. esp this one about combs, cards & roving. I learned a lot. I have been spinning with a drop spindle for a few years & a wheel for a year or so.
    also the pics of rockets ? what was that about . looked like fun.

    anyway, just wanted to say Keep up the good work & thanks for taking time out of your day to share your knowledge with us .

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