Episode 29: Musk Oxen Centerfold

Here’s episode 29 of the Yarnraising podcast. I’m clearly a little rusty at podcasting this episode as I misidentify the state I live in…

Come on down and join the Yarnraising group over on Ravelry! This week we have a 1000 member giveaway, so head over to the Ravelry group to enter!

Spinning FOs:
Knitters Nightmare
Knit Spin Farm

Spinning WIPs:
Into the Whirled

Handspun FO:
SABLE scowl
Into the Whirled

Commercial FOs:
Knitpicks Palette
Shilling hat
Lorna’s Laces

Commercial WIPs:
Socks that Rock
XOX socks
Lollipop Yarn
Turkish cast on
Fleegle heel
Jeny’s Suprisingly Stretchy Bindoff

Tool Time:
Cascade Spindles

Special Skein:
Mochimochi Land kits

Five Cool Things:
PLY magazine
Wild Fibers Magazine









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3 responses to “Episode 29: Musk Oxen Centerfold

  1. Trista

    What I fun show! I’m happy you had a snow day and shared it with all of us!

  2. Great Episode (as always)…. I was knitting the ribbing for a hat while watching – using 2 strands at the same time – soooo cushy it’s what I want to do with All The Yarn now 🙂

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