Episode 42: Ballbandlandia

Here’s episode 41 of the Yarnraising podcast. Come on down and join the Yarnraising group over on Ravelry! In this episode, the winner of the Snugknits giveaway is announced. Thanks again to Cindy for her donation of the pattern. Please consider supporting her even if you didn’t win. And thanks for watching!

Plan for the New to You Spinalong for October and November 2014. More on that to come!

Finished Object


Quince and Co.

Fat Squirrel Fibers


Knit Spin Farm

This is the craftsy class I was talking about


Unwind Yarn Company

Snakeskin Cowl

Magic Knot tutorial

Tool Time

chain maille supplies

more chain maille supplies!

Special Skein


5 Cool things

Universal Studios

Roast your squash whole!

The Subversive Stitch



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