Episode 3: Fried Pies

Here’s episode 3 of the Yarnraising podcast. Please consider joining the Yarnraising group over on Ravelry. Thanks for hanging out with me!


Spinning FOs:
Westminster shawl
Bosworth spindles (and charkha!)

Spinning in Progress:
Into the Whirled

Handspun knitting in progress:
By the Sea
Fiber Optic
Cakewalk yarn

Commercial knitting in progress:
Opal sock yarn
Creatively Dyed
Tree Kangaroo
Fleegle Heel tutorial

Cool tools:
Tiny tennis balls

Special skein:
Yarns Sold and Told

Five Cool Things:

Downy Woodpecker
Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival
Knit Spin Farm
A Good Yarn
Robin J. Edmundson









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3 responses to “Episode 3: Fried Pies

  1. Hi, Malia,
    I am so excited you are doing a vid-cast! I love to hear about all of your spinning and knitting. You are doing a wonderful job. Can’t wait for more episodes. Would you ever do a tutorial or talk about how to do woolen spinning? I would love that.
    So glad to have met you at the Knitting Pipeline Retreat and that I get to see that finished yarn from the Charkha. Love it.
    susan b anderson

    • Hi Susan! Thank you so much. I will certainly talk more about woolen spinning. I’m hoping in the future I’ll have a better camera/editing setup and I can film things like demos and tutorials.

  2. daniinnc

    Cornhole seems to be experiencing a resurgence in my part of North Carolina. I remembering encountering it for the first time about 25 years ago, but back then people made their own sets so I didn’t see them too often. Now that you can go to places like sporting goods stores and Walmart to pick up a set, my husband has been seeing all of us his friends bringing them out at boys’ night barbecues.

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